“I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”  Job 23:12

The Sound of His Voice

God Speaks! And it is His desire to speak with all His children in very real and personal ways. He created us as communicative beings because He is the communicative Being. He created us with the capacity to hear and respond to His voice.  He longs to laugh, sing, direct, instruct – to converse with us in a variety of ways beyond that which  we often open our hearts to.

I have learned to listen for His voice in experience, through the world around me, in the voices of others  as well as in His still, soft voice whispering gently to my heart.  This site is devoted to sharing my journey of faith, grace, love  and transformation as I learn to rely on His Voice to guide me.  You will also find words   from the heart of God that I pray will encourage and inspire you as you grow in your relationship with Him. 

Follow me on my personal journey to become all God  created me to be as I allow His Word to be made flesh in me.  It is my prayer that you will see yourself in my story, hear Him speak to you, desire to know Him more intimately, and be transformed by His Word, His love and His grace.


Deborah A. Gaston

While many things might be written of me, the most important is that I am one who is loved unconditionally and eternally by God.  It is from that one reality I live,  write, teach, sing,  speak.  I am passionately in love with the One Who first loved me and I have embraced His Word as the compass for my life.  I am also an author,  songwriter, worship leader, retired English teacher,  and minister of the Word.    I am also  owner of Logos Writing and Editing Services, dedicated to helping novice writers through consultation, workshops and seminars and a host of editorial services. 

 I am a  teacher both by calling and training,  with a heart to help others discover and develop the gift(s) within so they are better equipped share them with the world.   I want to see believers come to a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God, to intimately know the King of kings, and to become all the Lord created to be. 

More importantly, I am a worshiper of the true and living God, and my greatest desire is to know Him more intimately and allow His love, light and life to flow through me to others.

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