Strength in the Limp

It was the darkest, loneliest night of his life. Fear and distress gripped him. What was to become of him? Would the God of his grandfather and father, the God who had blessed him at Bethel, the God who had caused him to prosper in Padam Aram, the God who had led him back home forsake him now? He remembered the last time he had seen his brother, and though it had been twenty years the image was forever etched in his mind—the anger, the hatred, the threats. He had fled, under the advice of his mother, for fear of his life. Now there was no place to hide. Would this be it? He'd prayed. Had God heard? He’d divided his family into two groups for their safety. He’d even sent gifts to his brother. All his human resources were spent. Was it enough to spare him or was he to suffer for past deeds? He was tired. All of life had been a struggle. All he had ever wanted was God and the blessing He’d promised. What was wrong with that? Perhaps his methods for obtaining it had been wrong, but who could fault him for desiring God? Suddenly out of the darkness emerges the silhouette of a man. He stealthily approaches. Who is it? Someone sent to kill him in the night? A robber come to take his goods? He wrestled, pitting all his strength against this man. That’s all he had ever known — wrestling. He’d…

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