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A Simple Response

Great acts of God are often preceded by simple acts of obedience. —Steven Furtick

I was minding my business, going about my merry way, singing a simple song, when I heard the whisper. I knew it was God because the idea wasn’t remotely anything I had ever considered. It wasn’t anything I’d ever dreamed of, prayed for, wished upon on star for. I knew it was God because Deborah wasn’t trying to add one more thing to an already jam-packed life, wasn’t trying to add a morsel to her already full plate. Knew it was God because not only was this something I had never done before, I had no point of reference for it…at all!

But I’d heard that still small voice. And once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it. You can ignore it. You can choose to disobey it. You can try to flick it away like a fly. But you can’t unhear it.

And I’d heard. So instead of doing what I’ve done more often than I care to admit. Instead of dismissing it as a whim, instead of offering a litany of excuses why I couldn’t or why I shouldn’t, instead of disqualifying myself, instead of seeking the opinion of those I deemed wiser and more “spiritual,” I simply said, “OK.”

And that simple response launched me into a new place of fulfillment and solidified purpose beyond anything I had ever dreamed of, prayed for, or wished upon a star for.

The truth is this: Most often, all that is required to hurl us into divine destiny is a simple response. Some of our greatest accomplishments are the result of simply saying, “OK” when God speaks.

He spoke to Noah, “Build an ark.” Noah said, “OK,” and became the one to repopulate the earth after the flood.

He spoke to Abram, “Leave your country and go to a land I will show you.” Abram said, “OK,” and became Abraham, the Father of Many Nations, the one through whom all nations would be blessed, the one through whom Messiah came.

He spoke to Moses, “Deliver My people!” Moses said, “OK,” and led millions of Israelites out of slavery.

He spoke to a virgin named Mary, “Bear a child!” Mary said, “OK,” and gave birth to the Son of God.

He spoke to Peter, “Feed My sheep.” Peter said, “OK,” and with a simple sermon, saw 3000 people saved in one day.

He spoke to Paul, “Preach My Word to the Gentiles.” Paul said, “OK,” and the gospel was spread, and the Church of Jesus Christ was established all over the then-known world.

He spoke to His Son, “Redeem the world!” Jesus said, “OK,” and the Word was made flesh and gave His life to save all mankind.

The greatest adventures in Him, the greatest moments of true ministry, the greatest fulfillment of purpose, the greatest manifestation of His love, light, and life through my life have been the result of a simple response when God speaks. Perhaps we have made this life of faith more complicated than it need be. Maybe all it is—all it was ever meant to be—is hearing that still, small voice and simply responding, “OK,” without needing the details, without putting out fleeces, without getting confirmation from every prophet we know. We simply respond and trust God to confirm His word as we go.

What is God speaking to you now? A simple response may not only forever change your life but the lives of countless others as well.


from Finding Your F.L.O.W.; Answering the Writer’s Call through Faith, Love, Obedience, and Worship. Copyright(c)2020 by Deborah A. Gaston.  All rights reserved.



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