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Through the Open Door

“I know all that you’ve done. Now I have set before you a wide-open door that none can shut. For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept my word and haven’t denied my name.”  Revelation 3:8

“Access, Acceleration, Abundance. These are the words the Lord spoke to me as we enter this year,”  I shared as I stood before my Heirs Covenant Church family. “Doors are opening, giving us access to places that had once been marked ‘Access Denied.’ When those doors open, we must boldly step through them.”

I added God’s promise of acceleration and abundance when we obey:

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree.

“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.”  (Amos 9:13,14 The Message)

Three days later, I received this message—

Hi Deborah. I hope all is well with you…I have an opportunity for you to check out.  Are you interested in teaching on a 24/7 global gospel network?”

I knew this was the Lord! This was one of those open doors.  And, yet I hesitated. I almost said no. You see, while I love to teach the Word of God and saw this as an opportunity to do what God has called me to do,  stepping onto this new platform meant doing something I’m not comfortable with.  It meant being on camera! Yep, I love teaching; I do not love being videotaped. (It’s only been in the past year that I’ve gone live on Facebook—and that was with a bit of gentle coercion).

I’m  a writer; I don’t do videos!

I acknowledge this is a pretty insignificant, even petty thing.  Don’t judge me.  If you’re honest, you’ve let insignificant, petty things stop you from apprehending something God had for you—at least once.

I hesitated—briefly. God had spoken! He’d made a promise and the only way I’d see His Word manifest in my life would be to obey, in or despite all my dread and discomfort.

I chose to step through the door.

Here’s a truth all who seek to walk in purpose, walk by faith, and please God must understand. Each time the Lord speaks a word to us, we can expect it will stretch us. It will push us. It will push us to a new level—maybe even a new dimension—of faith. It will push us out of our comfortable space. It may  be a push in front of a camera, to another city, state, country,  into another job, off a job or off a cliff.   Whether it’s something that’s a mere inconvenience  or it’s facing our biggest fear, we must not resist the push!  If you and I are to complete our Kingdom assignment in any given season of our lives, we must push past any fear, insecurity, or sense of inadequacy. We must let go of who we think we are and embrace who God knows us to be.  We must be willing to do what we’ve never done (and, perhaps, never had a desire to do) to fulfill purpose and destiny and advance the Kingdom of God. It’s about His glory, not our comfort or convenience

God never fulfills His Word to us on our terms.  He doesn’t call us based on what we can do in our strength or knowledge or what we feel comfortable doing. He is not moved by our personal preferences, our inclinations, our proclivities. God never thinks, “Well, I know she’s really uncomfortable being on camera, so I won’t make that a part of her destiny.”  Or ”My son just hates extreme heat, so I won’t place him on the mission fields in Africa.”   He’ll instruct us to get out the boat, even though He knows we can’t swim. When we simply choose to obey by faith, He upholds us. He just wants us to trust in and rely wholly on Him.  He promises—

 “If you have a willing heart to let me help you, and if you will obey me, you will feast on the blessings of an abundant harvest.”

Isaiah 1:19 The Passion Translation

And what’s a little camera time compared to that?

“How did you become comfortable talking to the camera?”  someone recently asked me.

“I’m not comfortable,” I said. “God opened the door, and I chose to step through.”

I’m about three months into videotaping 30-minute teaching segments each week for the PGNTV/Chrysoreigns network. I may never become fully comfortable recording them.  But as long as that door remains open, I will occupy the space God has created for me. I don’t know who will be touched or encounter the Lord as result. I  only pray He is honored, and others are blessed.

What open door is you standing before that you are hesitant to walk through because you feel uncomfortable, ill-prepared or even afraid?  God has made room for you in that space.  Hesitate no more! Step through the door to abundant grace, peace, blessing and fulfillment.

Check out my first video.  Not perfect by any means, but God isn’t looking for perfection.  He’s looking for obedience.

I pray the video blesses you.


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