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Go For It

“… I have come with the sole purpose for you to have life in its most complete form.”  John 10:10b  (The Mirror Bible)

“Go for it, Deb” the text message read.

Go for it?  Seriously?   I’d only been  joking when I suggested I limber up my fingers so I could play the piano for our worship team at my friend’s mother’s homegoing celebration.

Go for it?  I think not.

You see, I don’t play. Well, I do play.  I play when I need to work out harmonies for our church’s worship team. I play when notes and lyrics keep bouncing around in my head, pleading to be set free.  I play in my yellow-walled writing/prayer room to enjoy intimate times of worship,  when I need to feel God’s presence and hear His voice singing over me. I play in the privacy of my home (and some times at the church. . . when no one else is in the building).

I don’t play publicly. I used to play publicly (and actually was paid to do it. Go figure).  But, I haven’t played publicly for a long time – a very, very long time. I haven’t needed to.  I am surrounded by incredible musicians whose skill levels supersede mine to the nth degree. And I am very happy to let them do what they do.  That’s not false humility; it is simple wisdom.  I know what I can do well and gladly do it. But when there are those around who do something better than I can, why wouldn’t I let them?

No, I would not play!

Go for it, Deb!  The words seemed to pulsate like a giant neon sign and then  leap off my phone screen. They lodged somewhere in my spirit and began to reverberate within me.  I knew this had very little, if anything, to do with pushing pass my dread of playing publicly. Go for it, Deb!   God was speaking, making a declaration,  issuing a challenge in four little words.  This was His wink and nod, His confirmation to live large!  I had a choice and my response could be the difference between living a life outside my comfort zone, a life filled with adventure, a life filled with great grace and great return or living safe and small with little impact  (See 

“OK!”  I texted back.  Then I went into that yellow-walled room, sat at my keyboard and began to play and sing to the Lord.  My eyes became pools of tears as God continued to speak to me.

Go for it!  Use what you have, even if what you have seems small and insignificant.  It just might be the two fish and five loaves that God will use to feed a multitude.  What you may deem as not quite good enough is really more than enough in God’s hands.

Go for it!   Living small and safe serves no one.  God is best glorified when we embrace what He has given us in Christ, and He has given us abundant life.   Embrace that life!  Enjoy it!   Live fully!

Go for it!  If you haven’t read the book, seen the movie, heard the song you long for, write it, produce it, create it, sing it.  Someone just may be waiting to be set free by the very thing only you can write, produce, create, sing.

Go for it!  Reclaim everything surrendered in fear by simply saying yes.  Let your “Yes” set you free!

Go for it!  Live and love courageously!  No holds barred!  All limits lifted!

Go for it!  Embrace all you are in Christ!  Let His light brightly shine through you, illuminating the way for others.

Go for it!!  Stop dreaming and do!!  Stop waiting for the perfect timing, for all the pieces to fall into place, to feel better prepared, or to  have all the resources in hand.  You have God and a vision!!  All systems are Go!!

We can’t concern ourselves with what we may not have, what we may not know, what others may think, or even the outcome.  If God has given you, as He has given me,  a vision,  a dream for your life, then trust as you go for it, everything you need will be provided.  And no matter the outcome, you will have learned, you will have grown and you will have been transformed by the experience.  His image will be more emblazoned in you.  What more could you ask for?

Abraham Maslow wrote, “. . .What one can be, one must be!” So go for it and be all that you can be.  That’s fulfillment.

Go for it!!   Say yes!! Yes to God!  Yes to yourself!  Yes to becoming!  Yes to adventure!  Yes to uncertainty!  Yes to life!!

Declare through a life well-lived that God is good and He is worthy, for a life  well-lived is our  greatest act of worship!

By the way,  I didn’t have to play for the worship team, but I was willing and I was prepared.  I think that was really all God was asking for  . . . my willingness to simply Go for it!

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  1. gailcs

    God is speaking.

    This is the third time I am hearing the Lord mentioning the loaves and fishes in four days. I am hearing you Lord. Loud and clear.

    How are you? It’s s been a while.


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    1. Deborah Gaston

      Fish and loaves!! God is speaking. Good to hear from you. I’m well. Let’s plan to get together SOON!!!

  2. Sylvia Henderson

    You have the ability to lay bare your heart, your vulnerable self, for all to know , through the power of the pen. It is so evident that you write , as an act of obediance, as an act of worship. I thank the Lord for you. Your writings unlock closed doors in my heart. That is truly a gift.

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