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“… I have come with the sole purpose for you to have life in its most complete form.”  John 10:10b   The Mirror 


“Life is a one-time offer. Use it well.” Unknown

Today I turned  63 years old.  Just writing the number causes me to marvel – 63!  When I was ten, sixteen, twenty-one, thirty, “sixty-anything” seemed so distant, almost ancient.  And here I am, well-planted in my sixth decade of life. How did I get here so quickly?  I guess the old adage is true.   You know, the one about time and tide…

Life is a divine gift and 63 years of life is an absolute blessing.   I embrace 63 with all that I am, thanking God for each moment of grace that has brought me to this new phase of life, and praising Him for the promise  of grace that enables and empowers me to be a better Deborah than I was at 62.    I am eager to live the truth learned from 60 plus years of life; to be fully present, fully awake, fully engaged in all of life; to take the wisdom gained over these decades and apply it in every area of my life; to love without fear;  to  speak up; to shine.

To the casual observer,  I suppose these 63 years  seem pretty “ordinary.” Not to me. I think I’ve had quite an extraordinary life, a life filled with love, wonder, tears, laughter, joy, adventure!  These have been extraordinary years of growth,  transformation, discovery, and I wouldn’t trade my 63 for any other.   I am who I am because of every experience, and I have grown to love the woman who has emerged because of or despite those experiences.  Through them all, God has been the one constant – always there wooing me, drawing me, enabling me, empowering me, strengthening me, stretching me, challenging me, breaking me, putting me back together, transforming me, holding me, revealing Himself to me, revealing my true self to me, teaching me to trust Him, letting me know He trusts me — loving me.

I am excited beyond words to meet Deborah@63.  To see how  she will  show up in  the world.   To discover in what ways she will now express the love, light and life of Christ.  Now that she is armed with greater knowledge, greater wisdom, greater revelation, how will she touch and impact the lives of others?  How will she fulfill purpose and share her gifts, her very life with the world? In what new  and deeper ways will she learn to trust her God?  In what new ways will she experience His love?  In what ways will she turn the world upside down?  What new aspects of this Deborah are yet to be revealed?

Deborah@63 is not the same Deborah she was at 60, 61 or 62.   She is a bit freer, less fearful, a bit  bolder, more relentless and determined.  No more hiding!  She enters 63 with a “Yes” in her heart and on her lips.  She is open to all God is and all He has just for her.  She has learned to value life in a greater way.  She knows the value of time and how to  focus on what matters most.  She is more firmly rooted in Love and desires to experience Him in deeper, more intimate ways.  She is surrendered to His will and His way.  She will emerge more of the Deborah that He has always known her to be, living each day as if it matters because it does!

She will live each day as one who is loved unconditionally, ever mindful of who she is in the I AM.

And she will  live each day as worship unto the only One worthy of it all!

I think I’m really going to like deborah@63!!

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  1. capacity1

    Happy birthday

  2. gailcs

    Happy Birthday!!!! Your life is certainly a testimony of God’s love and kindness. I am so grateful that along your journey He allowed us to meet and travel together for a time. You are such a blessing. Knowing you has added something wonderfully special to my life. Happy Birthday!!!


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